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What Makes a Great Marketing Career?

According to my LinkedIn feed ➡️ my job sucks 🙅‍♂️

According to me ➡️ it’s a dream job 😎

Whenever I see LinkedIn thought leaders describe the “perfect” marketing job, it just doesn’t compute with me.

They say: Job hop. Getting a new job is the best way to increase your salary.

I say: I want to be a meaningful part of growing something and that requires sticking around. 

They say: Work-from-home

I say: Being around my teammates is awesome. It adds purpose to my work. 

If you are looking for an alternative list of gotta-have job attributes, here are the things that make my role leading The Escape Game’s marketing team a dream job

The company is committed to growth 📈

I used to love the game Roller Coaster Tycoon because you got to build a theme park empire from the ground up. I get that same feeling at work every day. Growing something is more fun and exciting than trying to keep it from shrinking. 

The team is competitive 🏆

Our team is super competitive (and I don’t mean with each other). We are determined to win, not merely participate or survive. Being a part of a team that expects to win and that is relentless in their pursuit to be the best, is just more fun.

The company has a real culture (not just culture fluff) 🤟

When I say culture, I’m not talking about go-karting and team lunches. If a culture were a cake, those are sprinkles on top. When I say culture, I mean alignment around a mission, vision, and core values. Chemistry, that magical motivating energy, is what happens when a team is aligned.

The opportunity to learn from epic leaders 💪

The Escape Game’s founders are incredible leaders and working with them is the ultimate business and leadership masterclass. It’s an invaluable benefit.

The subject matter is interesting 🧩

We make and market escape games. It’s fun. I recommend finding a field that genuinely interests you (sorry healthcare marketers).

Positive teammates 👏

We hire hungry and humble people that are fun to be around. We expect that our team members don’t just benefit from the positive work environment, but contribute to it. Being around my teammates every day is well worth the commute. It enriches my life.

The ability to make a real contribution 🔨

At The Escape Game, there’s nowhere to hide. You can’t coast. And I love it because everyone’s work actually matters. We need everyone pulling together to win.

Never copy/paste one you see on LinkedIn. Make your own list of job attributes. 

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