Teddy Cheek

A Bigger Budget isn’t Always a Better Budget

Are you always asking for bigger and bigger budgets? 

Trust me – executives are tired of arm wrestling with you over budget. To them, it feels like you see the world through marketing-colored glasses and don’t truly understand the business. 

When budget season comes around, here are a couple tips to keep you in the right headspace:

  1. Think like an owner. Would you increase the market budget if it were actually your money? 
  1. Every dollar that doesn’t return more dollars could have been profit instead of marketing spend. In most businesses, profit is the goal.
  1. If there’s a piece of you that feels like a bigger budget is a vote of confidence from executives, then your insecurity is negotiating your budget on your behalf.
  1. If you want a bigger budget to do “better marketing,” remember better marketing isn’t the company’s goal. 

Bigger budgets aren’t always better budgets.

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